Operators Guidance System for Manufacturers

Streamline assembly processes and speed staff training with the Operator Guidance System for manufacturers. This powerful solution uses Computer Vision to understand your process layout, provide real-time guidance and validate the assembly process at every step.

It is like to have a side-to-side expert Digital Assistant!

We are specialists in Computer Vision


Like an interactive tutorial, DAFO guides the operator in their tasks using images and synthesised voices in their language.


Give operators step-by-step knowledge to assemble multiple products and their variants. Speed the process and reduce costs.

Optical Inspection

Connect it to a workbench or mount it in a conveyor for quality control and product counting. Verify the quality of the product throughout the process.

Validation and Traceability

Steps are automatically validated and documented for quality assurance and traceability.

What is DAFO?

Dafo is an AI and computer vision-driven system designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing manufacturing assembly process, providing real-time guidance and inspection to enhance productivity, ensure quality, and streamline operations. DAFO is more than an AI tool; it’s a digital coworker that simplifies training, guarantees assembly quality, and supports comprehensive traceability

Open Testing Days

Join us at our Open Testing Days at Warwick University in Coventry. It’s not just a showcase; it’s an opportunity to engage with DAFO’s state-of-the-art Machine Vision technology.

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Dafo AI Open Testing Day Invitation

Your Digital Coworker

With DAFO, you can better understand your production process and improve staff training.

Use Computer Vision to understand the layout of your process and give operators contextually-relevant information to assist them in their tasks. It’s like an expert digital coworker that offers instructions in real-time.

  • Are you facing challenges in finding skilled workers?

  • Need to meet customer demands?

  • Do you need help with high staff turnover?

  • Need help with quality control?

Our unique advantages

Blazing Fast Speed

DAFO, the operator guidance system for manufacturers has an impressive recognition time of 0.17 milliseconds – as fast as the blink of an eye, allowing operators to transition from one task to the next, maintaining the natural flow of the assembly process and keeping productivity.

Our system is designed to work offline, without a cloud connection, when security is a priority. This ensures that all your data remains secure and private and that no third party can access it.

No Cloud Dependency

Hardware Agnostic

While our Computer Vision Kit provides the optimal performance to run the software, it can also be run on a standard off-the-shelf computer with minimal requirements. This provides flexibility and versatility, allowing you to choose the hardware that best fits your needs.

Easy-to-follow instructions in multiple languages

How does DAFO work?



Through the HMI, the operator guidance system indicates where to take the piece to be assembled.



The system validates that the operator has taken the correct part and indicates where it should be placed.



Once the piece is placed, the system validates that it is in the correct position.

Modules & Features

Object detection

Count units in a conveyor or recognise properties on products to understand them.

Assembly verification

Verify that all parts are placed correctly in an assembled product.

Barcode & QR

This module can be used in complex scenarios like manufacturing.

Light to pick

Displays lights and illustrations at a workstation to direct operators to the correct parts.


The OCR module can quickly recognise and label text and symbol characters.


Various parameters such as colour, shape, and size can be used to classify objects using this module.

Locating & counting

This module recognises and classifies the inspected objects and counts in complex scenarios.

Defect inspection

Determine if a trained object has imperfections.

Upgrade your assembly process with the help of an AI worker assistant.

Streamline Assembly Processes

With step-by-step guidance

With step-by-step guidance, DAFO can help you save valuable time and money by enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of your production process. Let DAFO do the heavy lifting for you.

Quality Assurance


Ensure that products meet quality standards through real-time Optical Inspection.

Secure your Process

With improved morale and engagement

The Operator Guidance System for manufacturers offers relevant information in real-time, making it easier for new employees to stay engaged and learn faster.

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